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Your local best option for an online taxi is Galaxy Cars. Galaxy Cars is a cheap and fast-growing taxi in Woodley. We offer a professional taxi service at a cheap price, and we are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Enjoy our “Meet and Greet” service, available upon request. There isn’t a surcharge for delayed flights. Enjoy the warmth of our helpful drivers and the comfort of our beautiful cars. You can always rely on our 24/7 service for continually secure and on-time airport transports. Whether you’re a senior attending a medical appointment, a group of buddies going out on vacation, a student going to college, or someone who shops with a lot of bags, we’re here to serve you. We can take care of all of your transport needs. You can also find us on Google Maps.


We are confident that our online booking system is more preferable than others. You can simply make the booking by calling us or using our unique website, which guides you through an easy step-by-step process. Although we can handle many kinds of travel, our special service as a taxi is airport transfers. We also have several years of experience managing business travel, school runs, corporate travel, and facilitating smooth vacation transfers. In addition, you can contact our friendly and trustworthy staff by phone if you have any questions. Moreover, we make vacation planning easy by accepting all payment methods and providing online bookings.

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The satisfaction of the client is our goal.

We believe that the successful and flexible system we have allows us to grab opportunities. We seek to provide the finest and most secure travel experience that is feasible for you while you’re in Woodley, and our taxis are for those who want a comfortable and cheap ride. Select “Galaxy Cars” for a relaxed and joyful ride, as we’re always modifying our services.

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