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Are you looking for a Cheap Taxi in Reading?

Galaxy Cars offer you Cheap Taxi in Reading to go anywhere in Reading or beyond it. Moreover, our high quality taxi service is available at the rates concerning customers pockets. So, If you have any doubt you can search and compare our cheap taxi near me with others. Additionally, we also offer your luxury rides in our luxury cars. In the comfortable seat of the car, you will love to listen to music throughout the trip. Whatever your reasons for traveling, we assure you feel confident, energetic and fresh. When you timely arrive at your location it will also give you pleasure. Hence your lot of time gets saved in this way.
Undoubtedly, Galaxy Cars provide quick and affordable transport in Reading and nearby areas.

How is our Cheap Taxi in Reading a good option for you?

There are multiple factors that make our taxi transfer best in all ways. Here, you will find out how we go above and beyond for your taxi transfer.


We understand that people now do not like to call the cab for booking or directly meet with the driver. The most easy and simple method of booking a cheap taxi is online. The  mobile application or website booking is just done in a few clicks. Additionally. we offer you online booking of the taxi service. The booking method is so easy in the hands of the customers. You just need to share your pick up and drop off location. Also, mention your time and date of the travel, we will be there for you.

Track the drivers

In general, a lack of safety makes people afraid to use a taxi service. Therefore, they think drivers are insecure people. However, we would like to inform you that we only hire drivers after collecting their full information. They are all well-trained personalities who engage politely and comfortably with every passenger. We provide you with the driver’s performance details at the time of booking. For every driver, there’s a rating and feedback from passengers. It allows for easy tracking of the driver’s functioning. You will also have a chance to provide feedback to the driver at the end of the ride. Your comments have meaning to us.

Location Tracking feature

The days of finding taxis on roads or on calls are gone. When you book the taxi online, we offer you real time location tracking. Once you book the ride, the taxi location is visible on your mobile phone. You can easily track how far or near your taxi is. The tracking system is also helpful for the driver to reach your destination. In this way, there will be no chances that you get late. 

Additionally, we give you notification when your taxi is just a few minutes away. When the taxi is around the corner you will be ready.

We listen our customers

All the services in the taxi we provide reflect our customer demands. We offer you a special block for your questions and answers. You can ask any of your questions dn we will answer you in a timely manner. In case of any query, you  can also contact our helpful support team. We hire all the team members that are courteous and well trained. If you want to add anything in our service or to complain about any of the quality of service, we are available to listen to you.



Use taxi service that is authentic and safe. Create your account on our website or mobile application. The user account has your picture, name, location and contact details. You can find all the previous records of traveling and payment in history. We keep records of your frequent visiting destinations. In this way, the selection of location gets an essay for you.

Share your ride

For the security purpose, we give the option to share your ride. While taxi ride, you can share your ride with any of your closed ones. he/she can track the route of your ride. We also keep records of the cheap taxis where they go and at what time. It will give you a sense of security and comfort as well.

Book the cheap taxi now!

All the above mentioned efforts make our taxi company distinguished among others. You can choose Galaxy Cars to have a Cheap Taxi in Reading.

Cheap Taxi in Reading

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